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Honda confuses writer: Not for first time. February 16, 2009

Posted by Richard Aucock in Uncategorized.

Thinking about what to put in my first proper blog post, the intercom buzzed. Honda delivery driver, it was. Handing over a car, that’s already presented a very mixed set of messages. Mixed, because it’s not very Honda.

Honda wants the Accord Tourer to be a BMW 3 Series rival. But it’s not. Nor should it be. It should celebrate being a Honda instead. Why, on first evidence, isn’t it?

The Honda ever-presents are here: firm seats. Button-laden interior. Sober styling. Flickery dials.

But then, things start to become puzzling. It’s big, for something that’s trying to be a 3 Series. The seats, they’re mighty wide. And firm, too, but that’s like as in a Merc, not a BM. Or a Honda. The steering wheel, it’s thick and small, like something in an M3. Or a Ford Ka. But the leather-bewhiff’d interior, why, it’s light. Just like a Volvo.

It looks like a smoothed version of the old Accord, in saloon guise. But that car was willfully, Honda-ey odd in Tourer guise. Quirky. All that’s been neutered here, alas. It’s become generic. That’s not Honda. But whereas the diesel engine used to whoosh, even when cold, it doesn’t in this. That’s not Honda, either.

In short, I’m puzzled. So came straight back to make notes.

_mg_8543This is the car park test. All cars go through it. Some cars pass it: said BMW 3 feels forward-led, dynamic. Audi A4, tactile and hi-tech. Ford Focus? Lovely in a way you can’t define. Volkswagen Golf? Just, right.

Other cars fail. Mercedes C-Class seems cheap. It’s not until 300 miles later that you realise the dash plastics are telling fibs. Lexus GS 450h? Deliciously luxurious and decadent. Half an hour is all it takes to reveal the poor ride, woeful steering and sorely compromised driving position that belie this.

I’ve done 2 miles in the Honda, and I’m tepid on it. All I like at the moment is the way engine power builds right to the redline. It’s a diesel. It likes to rev. That’s very Honda.

Off to Peterborough tomorrow in it, then. And then onto Coventry. Let’s try and unravel some of those messages.



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