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How to lose readers in your first 3 words March 11, 2009

Posted by Richard Aucock in What randomly caught my eye today.

I haven’t learnt (still with me?) any new reasons why speed limits should be cut. Or, indeed, why the should not.

It’s the usual argument that teachers in school playgrounds struggle to solve every term time day there is. And, true to form, the ABD has waded in with petulant melodrama.

‘Anti Car Extremists,’ screamed the press release, ‘Drive 50 Limit Proposals – Driving Skills to be Destroyed to Suit Eco Agenda.’ Well, I’ll be. Fancy that.


Notwithstanding the ABD’s ironic assertion that this is a ‘speed bully’ policy, the assumptions bandied about really are awe-inspiring. How about ‘the end of driving excellence’. Policies making ‘life more difficult and unpleasant for drivers’.

There’s the ‘implementation of a ‘surveillance society’ where your every move is monitored and no individual discretion is allowed.’ And chat of a ‘dictatorial regime’, just for good measure.

Scan past the hyperbole, and the ABD’s argument is sound. For, it is actually an argument. Speed doesn’t kill, inappropriate speed does. Also, speed doesn’t kill, but bad driving does.

However, instead of good old common sense and plain English stating this, the organisation lets its press room descended into mouth-foaming lunacy, which wouldn’t be out of place in the Daily Mailxpress.

Hence, the reason why the ABD is ignored.



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