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Social media brings close access to heroes! March 17, 2009

Posted by Richard Aucock in What I learned today.

Social Media is all about community, relationships and helping one another out. So, after days puzzling over my WordPress site layout, I had to admit defeat…

… and ping my social media mentor, Brendan Cooper. After meeting and communicating online, we met up ‘in real’ for the first time last week at Tuttle, and I’m still riding on the buzz from this.

social-media-brings-close-access-to-heroesHelp!, I asked Brendan. I can’t get flaming subscribe-to-feed tags into my blog profile – and they’re a must-have. Any tips?

Brendan came straight back with the answer four days of internet searching had failed to resolve. Succinct, on the money and just what I needed. And then, when I came across another grumble, I cheekily sent another e-mail: result? He was straight back, with two lines of aid that, when I enacted them, roused a cheer you could hear in Cherbourg.

Now, we’re all linked up – so do please follow me, if only to repay some of the effort that’s gone into it! – and I can only salute once again the brilliant Brendan Cooper. A true hero.

Coffees are on me next time, I’ve promised…



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