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Mini search over already? If I’m lucky… March 16, 2009

Posted by Richard Aucock in What I've mused upon today.
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I’ve been immersing myself in the classic Mini community over the past few days. It’s all come from last week’s conclusion that I need a classic Mini in 2009. But how to go about getting one?

Well, research is all – so I’ve signed up for all the big forums, such as The Mini Forum, Mini World and the British Mini Club.

It was the latter’s David Hollis who e-mailed me today, with quite a tempting deal. Attend the club’s British Mini Day at Dudley’s Himley Hall on 10 May – and potentially drive home in a peach of a Mayfair! All for the price of a raffle ticket. Heavens, Footman James will even throw in £250 for insurance. He even popped an image in the post, for my delectation.

himley-mayfair-2Now, clearly the 10,500-mile, one-owner-from-new car will be mine. Not will be, IS mine. It’s just a small matter of buying a ticket on the day to confirm this. Problem, therefore, solved!

It’s got the velour I’m after, looks a peach in the pic and, I’m sure, will absolutely rock. Particularly when I’ve completed my custom iPod install, using all accumulated knowledge from The Mini Forum.

Yes, Richard. Of course.

However, just in case, by some quirk of fate, I don’t happen to be given it on the day, I’ve decided to ensure a backup plan is in place. I like the look of this car, so will be dropping Dave a line to see if I can’t get a closer look beforehand. If I do, I’ll report back here.

In the meantime, the search will continue…